Argola Calla, Gifts for Special Occasions

Argola Calla was launched with the goal to bring gifts for special occasions with quality products and pleasant service.

The company started with fashion accessories, such item like earrings, bracelet, bangles, necklaces and sets. Accessories that is great for daily uses or in special occasions such as wedding, anniversaries, birthday or any celebrations parties.

Evening clutch purses accessories joined shortly. These accessories are ideal for evening parties or weddings. Wedding gown and evening dresses rarely come with pockets, so guest or bridesmaids purses were designed for holding essentials while looking elegant, chic and fabulous. These unique evening clutch purses wonderfully complement formal dress. A bridal handbag can be lovely in silk or satin with a simple clutch or ornate with beads, ribbons, jewels and rhinestones. Argola Calla purses shimmer in many colors: gold, silver, gold, black, red, brown and yellow, and we also have a large a special selection of purses with crystals. Please check our finest crystals selection, they are amazing stunning purses made especially for great and special events.

As Argola Calla grows with the accessories selections, many other items great for gifts joined our family. wood sports puzzles, chess set, drinking roulette set and many more items are available to order online at Argola Calla online store. One of the most popular item is the 12” drinking roulette set, it can be a great entertaining game to have when friend come over.
A large variety of gifts still yet to join Argola Calla’s product selections. Please check our site always for new items. Thank you for visiting Argola Calla site, we hope to see you soon.

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